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5 Inspiring Bikepacking Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

I love Instagram, probably too much! I could spend hours looking at all the amazing bike/bag setups. I love the different ways people carry for different lengths of rides – is it just a backpack or bumbag for a short ride? Handlebar bag upfront for something a bit longer? The all-important stem bag or top tube bag for snacks! A saddlebag for the overnight sleeping stuff? Where do they keep their tools, on the bottom of the down tube or in one of the frame bags? Do you have a full-frame bag with a water bladder in or just half a frame bag with enough room to keep access to your water bottles? So many questions!

Anyway, these are my current top 5 favourite bikepacking Instagram account I am following right now.

The Transcontinental

This might seem like an obvious one and most of you are already following them, but as some riders have finished and many are still on the road its a great account to follow. Some amazing photos from the race.

Carolyn Louise Gaunt

Following on from The Transcontinental above, Carolyn is currently on her way to the finish of the race with her race partner. It is really good to see their progress as the race unfolds.

Michael Caillet

Michael has posted some amazing photos from his recent around the world trip. Not just bike photos but some fascinating lifestyle photos that give you a good insight into the cultures he peddled through.

Joan Carillo

Joan recently finished the Pan Celtic race and has some epic photos. Follow his journey as he cycles his Enigma bike through some great landscapes.

Graham Ashton

Graham has some really good and inspiring photos of bikepacking events and gravel riding.

Comment below if there is anyone else I haven’t found yet that I should be following. Of course, give me a follow if you aren’t already.

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