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Who? What? Why?

Not Just Backpacks is the continuation of my exploration of the ultimate backpack and luggage. Ever since I can remember I have always had a fascination with finding the right backpack for everyday use and having the correct bags for travel. Also, as a keen cyclist, I’m always looking at better ways to carry things on the bike.  Not Just Backpacks is a deeper look into the brands and designers and how and where all things carry are made.

Backpacks and luggage have always been a passion of mine, there is a particular shop in East London (The Broken Down Palace) that I just have to look in every time we are in the area. It’s one of those outdoor type shops selling the likes of Patagonia, Fjallraven, Poler Stuff, Filson etc. My girlfriend gives me a hard time because we always go in there despite usually leaving empty-handed, but all the great looking backpacks just draw me in. The same applies to most cycle shops and outdoor shops. I can’t help it!

This website is a bit self-indulgent but I hope you like what you see. I have lots of ideas for Not Just Backpacks. If you have any ideas or suggestions just drop me a line by email or socials.