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Wizard Works Voila! Snack Stem Bag Review

Wizard Works Voila Snack Stem Bag

Wizard Works from South London UK, have been kind enough to send us this jazzy looking stem bag to review. Wizard Works was born from Harry’s love of slow travel and bike adventures. What started as a side hustle in Vancouver turned into a move to New Zealand. Now, Wizard Works are based in London and are creating some great looking bike bags. As quoted by Wizard Works themselves – “they make technical and well-performing products while maintaining an aesthetic that lies somewhere between timeless classic and 80’s rave”. Harry also sources recycled material where he can and trying to be greener where possible, which I believe makes for a good business.

Wizard Works Voila Stem Snack Bag
Wizard Works Voila Stem Snack Bag

The bag we are reviewing is the Voila! Snack Bag, which is available in six colours, but custom orders are also available. Everything from the stealth black camo to the fluroescent pink, these great colours are guaranteed to add some flair to your daily ride or bikepacking set up. Available in two sizes – 0.47 litres and 0.65 litres, holding 502 or 694 M&Ms, according to Wizard Work’s scientific means of measuring.

“The bags hold 502 or 694 M&Ms according to Wizard Work’s scientific means of measuring.”

The bags are made from Cordura with a 420d Nylon PU coated lining and top. The yellow interior material makes it easy to find those hidden treats that fall to the bottom and crumbs or dirt can be removed easily, as the inner lining can be pulled out and replaced again. With the added padding sewn in, it will give your camera or lens further protection. This one is the regular size which measures 15cm tall x 8cm diameter. It has a continuous outer pocket that surrounds three-quarters of the bag for extra storage. Great construction with a daisy chain around the whole bag make for many attachment point options to the bars or stem for the two loose velcro straps. There is also an adjustable lower strap with a plastic buckle for attaching to the forks for added stability.

Wizard Works Voila Snack Stem Bag
Wizard Works Voila Snack Stem Bag

The Voila! Snack Stem bag is a great addition to any bike for either daily carry for a water bottle, wallet or phone, or in addition to a full bikepacking set up for longer trips. The handy cyberian cord lock is great for one-handed open and closing whilst still moving.

Overall this is a great looking and functional snack bag in a variable range of colours and two sizes to fit your needs.

Cost £49.99

Available direct from Wizard Works –

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